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Questions? Reach out to our team
at: 1-800-935-7214
Questions? Reach out to our team
at: 1-800-935-7214
Finhabits makes smart habits simple for all
We want your business and employees to grow together. As the first financial wellness platform in both English and Spanish, we enable business owners and their workers to invest for their future and learn smart financial habits.
We have options that you & your employees can trust

Easy-to-manage plans

Plan administration 3(16), record keeping, fiduciary oversight, and investment management 3(38) are included in our plans.
Safe harbor status
Designed to automatically pass most nondiscrimination tests required by the IRS.

Matching options

Finhabits has different 401k match options to help incentivize your employees to contribute to their plan.

Smart investments

Help your employees save efficiently for retirement with low-cost target date funds.

Build financial habits

Our platform helps your employees gain control of their finances so they can thrive at work.

Bilingual mobile app

Employees can download our bilingual app to access educational tools and monitor their account.
Show your employees that you care
Employees do care when their employer shows commitment to their financial well-being. That’s why, in today’s competitive job market, offering a retirement savings plan can be the difference between retaining and losing talent.
Employees do care when their employer shows commitment to their financial well-being. That’s why, in today’s competitive job market, offering a retirement savings plan can be the difference between retaining and losing talent.
Employer cost
per month

First 3 years after tax credits*

Employee cost

per month

*Employer cost per month without tax credits is $167. Employer fees will be billed quarterly. These fees do not include the underlying fees of 0.07% of the investment funds, which are the Transamerica LifeGoal Fund with BlackRock Retirement Opportunity. You may be charged additional fees for ad-hoc tasks.
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Compare Finhabits 401k plans and other options

The Finhabits 401k plans were designed with most small and medium-sized businesses in mind, including those in states like California and Illinois that have been mandated to offer retirement benefits. While state-sponsored retirement plans commonly use IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts), only employees earning less than the IRS maximum can participate. A Finhabits 401k plan can be a better solution for you and your employees.

Finhabits 401k
Simple IRA
Roth IRA
Maximum employee contribution
Catch up contribution ages 50 and older
Defined contribution maximum limit
$61,000 ($67,500 edades 50+)
Not applicable
Not applicable
Your workers are an extension of your family
Boost morale & employee culture

In today’s tight labor market, a 401k can help your business attract and maintain top talent.

Make it simple

Our plans come with automated contributions deducted directly from the employees’ pay

Save up to 3 times more
401k plans have higher contribution limits than the IRAs offered by most state plans
Frequently asked questions
What is a 401k plan?

A 401k is a company-sponsored retirement savings plan. In a 401k, employees can voluntarily contribute part of their income, and employers can match their employee's contributions. In a traditional 401k, employee contributions are "pre-tax," meaning they can reduce taxable income, however, withdrawals are taxable. Business and individual tax scenarios can vary. You should consult your tax adviser.

Can I offer a Finhabits 401k plan to my employees?

Finhabits offers its plans to businesses regardless of size. Most companies looking to offer a retirement plan for the first time can sign up for a Finhabits 401k plan. If you have questions, you can call us Monday through Friday during business hours at 1-800-935-7214.

Can I cancel my Finhabits 401k plan if I change my mind?

If you decide that the plan you’ve chosen doesn’t suit your business needs, there are required regulatory steps that must be taken. Please note that there could be additional nondiscrimination testing and there is a cost to terminate the plan.

How do I sign up for a Finhabits 401k plan?

The onboarding process can be completed online with just a few clicks and in minutes. We provide you with phone support in English or Spanish and we prepare all the necessary legal documents for you to sign electronically. If you have questions, please call us Monday through Friday at 1-800-935-7214.

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